Gepostet: 01.01.2021

AignerMEDIA (AME) GmbH / Aigner Media & Entertainment "Be there"
Over the last hundred years, hotels have tried to attract new customers by proudly presenting the interior of their premises.
But times are changing. Hotels will get ahead by being authentic, truthful, storyable - simply: instagrammable.

Today’s travellers „collect moments to share“. This is how we give them this special moment, before and after
their stay in a hotel? - BE THERE before you go there or even after you were there that’s handcrafted 24hrs loops showing the best views only to the outside from your hotel

And if your viewers like it, they just book or ask for more information through your Website, App or ALEXA.
The authentic surround sound completes the feeling of really being in this place.
So, let your customers open your every window and enjoy your fantastic views – whenever they want.
From the comfort of their home or for comfort on the road. Open the window from anywhere to “BE THERE“
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